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Jenny 9 Yo Full Version.flv (April-2022)




 . ." — Robin Pullman Smith, Filmmaker Magazine (Video) "A great comedy... Slate is one of the most gifted female comedians working right now." — Dave Chapelle, HBO "This is the future of comedy. Auteur, feminist, one of the funniest people I've ever met." — Amy Schumer, former Saturday Night Live cast member "We should have one of those in every city. It would be a great way for first-time visitors to New York to get a feel for how smart and open-minded it is." — Nora Ephron, film director "I had to rent a car from them. How funny is that? I didn't know anything about getting a rental car." — Amy Schumer "She has some of the best one-liners. Not only does she have amazing timing, but she's got a great delivery." — Kathleen Madigan, entertainment reporter for E! "I've met a lot of comedians, but Jenny is so unique. She's funny. She's a realist, and she has such a wonderful, wonderful voice. She's a voice to reckon with. It's like watching someone write a book. Jenny has a way of making you believe she's right in front of you. She brings you along in the ride. She has a unique voice, one that everyone can relate to." — Cheri Steinkellner, entertainment reporter for the Associated Press and Herald-Leader "I remember seeing Jenny and being just blown away by her skill and her comedic timing. She was raw and edgy and hilarious. I remember thinking, 'Who the hell is this girl?' To see her come along and be able to build and expand on her craft and take it to such an incredible level is incredible." — Amy Adams, actress "I knew Jenny Slate from the time I was writing for The Daily Show, where she was in the sketch comedy group, Invisibles. I got to work with her on that show and be a part of her success and she has really flourished as an actress and comedian." — Lizz Winstead, Comedy Central's Daily Show correspondent "I'm [jealous] that her life is easier than my life. I wish I was Jenny Slate, where I could hang out with some of my friends and be around all of these people all the time, where I have my own show, but it's still weird, because Jenny





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Jenny 9 Yo Full Version.flv (April-2022)

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